Dear fellow gadget addict,

Welcome to Gadget Crack. We offer a “regular” (uh… periodic) podcast in which we discuss select gadgets and “new” (i.e., new to us) technologies. Our aim is to help and educate our listeners in selecting the best (and since we’re cheap… affordable) products and services. We do not expressly set out to undertake a comprehensive investigation on any particular topic, though due to our obsessive personalities, more often than not, that comprehensive investigation ends up happening anyway.

The discussions featured on this podcast emerged from our weekly banter on the terrace (i.e., “patio” for those outside of Quebec) at our local Starbucks, following our weekly ball hockey game. At one point, Sunny suggested that all our efforts in discovering the best ways to do things and the best, affordable tech to be used to do those things, may prove useful to others. Shortly thereafter, Gadget Crack was born. For the “others”… you.

The younger gadget addict,